Diggler is an IRC bot framework for the D programming language. It supports running any number of bots in the same thread, each of which can be connected to any number of IRC networks.

Chat commands are defined in D code in a declarative format that leverages compile-time introspection to reap as much information from as little source code as possible. Additionally, command implementations are executed in fibers (coroutines) to allow for a synchronous yet non-blocking interface.

The following simple, but complete example defines a bot with the command !echo that repeats arguments passed back to the user who invoked the command. The bot connects to FreeNode and joins the channel #d.irc and uses the nickname "EchoBot". If the nickname is taken, it tries "EchoBot_", and continues to append underscores until a valid nickname is found. The default command !help is also available, which shows information helping users with the available commands.

import diggler.bot;

class EchoCommands : CommandSet!EchoCommands
	mixin CommandContext!();

	@usage("repeat the given text.")
	void echo(in char[] text)
		reply("%s: %s", user.nick, text);

void main()
	Bot.Configuration conf;
	conf.nick = "EchoBot";
	conf.userName = "dlang";
	conf.realName = "Diggler bot framework";
	conf.commandPrefix = "!";

	auto bot = new Bot(conf);

	bot.registerCommands(new EchoCommands);

	auto client = bot.connect("irc://irc.freenode.org/d.irc");

	client.onNickInUse ~= badNick => badNick ~ "_";


Browse the reference documentation for more information.